EP 24 Preventing Abuse – Lt. Oscar Mejia

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EP 14 Commemorative Air Force Museum, Camarillo CA

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EP 1 Nita Hansen Pt 1 of 2

(Part 2 of the video is below)
Nita Hanson was the first woman I interviewed several years ago. I recently received this urgent message from her regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Dear Ones,

Saturday I will be returning to the States for a few weeks.  How hard it is to think about leaving here with our situation totally unresolved.

Times are getting more and more uncertain.  It appears to all of us that Putin is trying the same strategy he used in the Crimea, hence the masked men with weapons, guarding the territory they have taken.  He knows the weakness of this government whose authority rests so uncertainly.  God help us stand until the election on May 25th.

Several days ago, I was waiting outside a store to meet someone when I heard the roar of an airplane.  It sounded like a fighter jet and everyone’s eyes went up to the sky.  Then another one came and another one.  My mind immediately flashed back to some of the films I have seen from WW II when people saw Hitler’s planes coming and were looking up in curiosity only to flee seconds later as gunfire opened up.  That is the edge we are living on right now, wondering if it has started and is if so, how quickly it will come here.  My Tonya’s husband left for the front already – he wasn’t called up but went voluntarily.  I’m wondering how long before Dr. Tamara’s husband is called.

Last week the government sent some soldiers in tanks to remove the protesters from some of the buildings that have been seized in the East.  As the soldiers came into one of the towns, they were surrounded by women, children and older men – all civilians.  They came to a stop, not wanting to hurt them.  Once they were stopped, from the back of  the crowd came men wearing the ski masks and military uniforms and carrying machine guns.  They demanded that the Ukrainian soldiers give them their ammunition and surrender their tanks.  They did and then were sent back to Kiev on buses.

This is the insidiousness of the enemy we are facing.  As one of these young Ukrainian soldiers said, “I will not shoot my own people” (the innocent civilians).  They were placed in a situation which appeared to have no solution other than to surrender.  What do we do in the face of such evil – for now evil truly is called good and good evil.

Prices are going up daily – gasoline has gone up by more than one third and the Hyrivna (Ukrainian money) has already been devalued by about 25%.  Yesterday I heard a news commentator discussing whether Ukraine could even survive as a country.  Clearly it is Russia’s desire that we won’t..

Please pray that God will place His hand over all of Ukraine, but especially from the South up alongside the East all the way to the North — that He will guard us and establish us that we may take our place among the nations without fear of being swallowed by our neighbor.

Thank you for your continued and fervent prayers and blessings to all of you,


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Gail-NordskogWelcome to Hearts of Purpose where I interview ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the glory of God. My guests have found their PURPOSE in life by reaching out to a lost and hurting world as Ambassadors for Jesus. They are living their lives with PASSION knowing that not only are they meeting the physical needs of others but also offering God’s free gift of Eternal Life. I so love and respect these dear people and want to introduce them to you. I pray that you will be inspired and challenged by their stories. I pray that you will join with them in the work God has called them to through your prayers, friendship and finances. I pray that you will allow Jesus to touch your Heart with His Purpose every day and that you will live everyday with passion. Please fill out the form on the right side of the screen to get updates on new episodes as they are posted.

Blessings, Gail

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EP 2 Nita Hanson Pt 2 of 2

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EP 2 Nita Hanson Pt 1 of 2

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EP 18 – Tiffany Leeper

Tiffany Leeper speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference

Tiffany shares the heart breaking story of losing her childhood sweetheart to Pornography.  After years of depression and hopelessness she realized that she was not alone and that she needed to do something to stop the destruction of this highly addictive lifestyle.

Tiffany now fights for the thousands of grieving young women, broken marriages and families affected by the porn industry through education and legislation.  She started Girls Against Porn and works tirelessly behind the scenes to enforce the laws against human trafficking, Pornography and child abuse.

In this program of HEARTS OF PURPOSE, you will see part of an Interview Dr. James Dobson had with mass murderer, Ted Bundy before his execution.  He confesses that all of the murders were the result of his addiction to hard core pornography!

Tiffany can be reached through her web site http://www.girlsagainstporn.com

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EP 17 – Shelly Lubben

Shelly Lubben speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference

Shelley shares her story about her past as a former porn actress and how at age 26 she escaped this perverted, brutal lifestyle.

Rescued and redeemed by God.

Now in His mercy and grace God is using her to expose the truth behind the fantasy of porn and to rescue and uplift wounded and battered women and men from their pornography traffickers.  Shelley wants you to know the hardcore truth about pornography and is brutally honest when exposing the industry.  I want you to be aware that some of the material in this program could be inappropriate for younger viewers. Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women and the millions of porn addicts who can’t stop watching it.

Visit Shelley’s web site at http://www.thepinkcross.org

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EP 16 – Tania Fiolleau

Tania Fiolleau of Save the Women Ministry International speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference

Tania tells her story of how an abusive, cruel father, a rape as a young woman and the potential of losing her children led her into the “abundant” life of prostitution and eventually becoming a Madam. Tania ‘s story is difficult to hear.  God is merciful.  Tania had the influence of a loving Grandmother.   Grandma Alma was a woman of prayer who never gave up her faith in God and her faith in Tania. She is now a woman redeemed!  She received full custody of her son’s and is spending her life exposing the sex trade industry for what it is and doing all she can to rescue young women from it’s clutches.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tania after the conference and believe God showed me a woman not only redeemed but also restored to the sweet innocence of a young child loved and protected by her Heavenly Father.

To reach Tania go to her web site at www.savethewomen.ca

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EP 15 – Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael Reagan for a number of years through my husband, Jerry Nordskog (Jerry seems to know everyone!).

Michael is a great communicator and man with an incredible sense of humor much like his father, my favorite president, President Ronald Reagan; so when I first heard his painful, yet powerful story of abuse, loneliness and fear he experienced as a child I was shocked.  At the preventing abuse conference Michael shares his testimony of healing from many of the issues that confront our culture today

Phone: (281) 210-1524 Mike Reagan Center info


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