Recently I had the opportunity of traveling with the 8th grade class of NEW HARVEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL on 3 different field trips related to their studies of WW2. We first went to the movies!  RED TAILS  by Lucas Films of the Tuskegee Airmen.  This story captures the battles that these courageous black American men fought.  The battle against the Germans as well as the battle of Prejudice in the country they were giving their lives to defend.  I highly recommend the movie.

Our second field trip took us to visit Major Lowell Steward!  Major Steward is 92 years old in this interview. Although a man of few words and hard of hearing at this time in his life, it was an honor to talk with him!  He was adorable, in my opinion.

Our last field trip took us to the WW2 Commemorative Air Force Museum in Camarillo, CA.   They have several planes like those flown by the Tuskegee Airmen and lots of WW2 memorabilia.  If you love American history, which I hope you do, I highly recommend this museum.

With the editing help of my dear friend Gary Rolls, this program won the 2012 CAPPY AWARD  under the Inspirational and spiritual category.  That was so exciting for me.

I hope you are blessed watching this program.



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