Tania Fiolleau of Save the Women Ministry International speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference

Tania tells her story of how an abusive, cruel father, a rape as a young woman and the potential of losing her children led her into the “abundant” life of prostitution and eventually becoming a Madam. Tania ‘s story is difficult to hear.  God is merciful.  Tania had the influence of a loving Grandmother.   Grandma Alma was a woman of prayer who never gave up her faith in God and her faith in Tania. She is now a woman redeemed!  She received full custody of her son’s and is spending her life exposing the sex trade industry for what it is and doing all she can to rescue young women from it’s clutches.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tania after the conference and believe God showed me a woman not only redeemed but also restored to the sweet innocence of a young child loved and protected by her Heavenly Father.

To reach Tania go to her web site at www.savethewomen.ca

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