Tiffany Leeper speaks to the audience at the Preventing Abuse Foundation‘s 2012 Los Angeles conference

Tiffany shares the heart breaking story of losing her childhood sweetheart to Pornography.  After years of depression and hopelessness she realized that she was not alone and that she needed to do something to stop the destruction of this highly addictive lifestyle.

Tiffany now fights for the thousands of grieving young women, broken marriages and families affected by the porn industry through education and legislation.  She started Girls Against Porn and works tirelessly behind the scenes to enforce the laws against human trafficking, Pornography and child abuse.

In this program of HEARTS OF PURPOSE, you will see part of an Interview Dr. James Dobson had with mass murderer, Ted Bundy before his execution.  He confesses that all of the murders were the result of his addiction to hard core pornography!

Tiffany can be reached through her web site

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