Ep 30 Dr. Scott Carroll Pt 1

Dr. Scott Carroll’s expertise in ancient languages, ancient history, archaeology and religion, as well as his passion for research, has uniquely prepared him to take the reigns as director of The Green Collection. In a brief 16 months, Carroll has helped arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby acquire more than 30,000 items and made The Green Collection, named for Hobby Lobby’s founder-owners, one of the newest and largest private collections of rare biblical texts and artifacts in the world.

Carroll’s education includes a master’s degree in church history from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a doctorate in ancient studies from Miami University of Ohio and post-doctoral studies in ancient languages from Hebrew Union College. His research, which focused on the study of ancient and medieval manuscripts, has made Carroll one of the world’s foremost scholars on ancient biblical texts.

An authority on the use of technology in research, Carroll regularly collaborates with a working group at Oxford University developing innovations in multispectral imaging and digital effects to analyze ancient manuscripts. In addition to uncovering previously unknown layers of text in ancient manuscripts, the technology is expected to have further application outside the realm of ancient manuscript studies.

While directing the excavation of the oldest monastery in the world in the Egyptian Sahara, Carroll created an online program that connected thousands of students from 35 countries in real time with his excavation. The program was selected among the world’s top five Internet education sites and remains a standing exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum, exemplifying the use of technology in education. Carroll also developed a method to extract writings reused in the infrastructure of mummy coverings while preserving the decorative external features. This groundbreaking research has uncovered some of the earliest-known ancient Greek writings.

Carroll has been a professor for 25 years and has more than 30 former students who have earned a Ph.D. and are teaching in universities. He continues his passion for mentoring future scholar-teachers as research professor of manuscript studies and the biblical tradition at Baylor University, overseeing special research projects on ancient documents. Carroll also leads the research and publication of select items in The Green Collection through the Green Scholars Initiative. The program has assembled a team of world-renown scholars who direct research projects at 30 universities and seminaries throughout North America and is designed to foster collaboration between established and young scholars to pioneer new biblical discoveries.

A frequent participant in television documentaries, Carroll serves as a consultant for National Geographic and the BBC. He has also appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation to provide a scholarly defense of the trustworthiness of the Bible. Carroll regularly publishes scholarly and popular works and lectures frequently around the world on archaeology, ancient manuscripts and the history of the Bible.

Carroll and his wife, Denise, have been married 32 years and have four adult children.

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